1-Channel KIT2011S & 2-Channel KIT3025S
( 3- and 4- Channel types on Request )
The infrared sensors were developed with a focus on the requirements in the automotive sector (AEC-Q102). These "optical" light barriers enable a variety of different switch applications. Further automotive sensors/light barriers (also 3- and 4- channel types) are available on request.

  KIT2011S KIT3025S 3- & 4- Channel
Channel Single 1-Channel Double 2-Channel on Request
Gap Width/Depth/Slit 2mm/2.2mm/0.3mm 3mm/5.5mm/2x 0.3mm on Request
Channel Distance ---- 0.8mm on Request
Package SMD (Reel) SMD (Reel) SMD (Reel)
T-OP -40 to +85 °C -40 to +105 °C -40 to +105 °C
AEC-Q101/Q102 Yes/Yes Yes/Yes Yes/Yes
Mass Production
Yes Yes Yes