Customer-oriented logistics
We bring the global supply chain to the point, you decide when and where.


"Together with you we develop and provide logistic solutions that are tailored to your needs."


Competence in Distribution Worldwide

With our distribution and logistics locations in Germany and Hong Kong we control all incoming and outgoing material transports of our suppliers of electronic components. They carry out incoming goods checks, book deliveries against the distributors' orders, store and ship the product. To prevent the delivery of obsolete products, our DEMA Warehouse Management System (WMS) supports a FIFO (First In First Out) strategy based on product date codes.

Logistical solutions such as "Just-in-Time" and "Kanban" deliveries are just as much a matter of course every day as customer-specific services such as barcoding, labelling, vacuum packaging and the cutting of rolls into smaller roll quantities.

From our warehouses we deliver to customers in countries all over the world.

Our logistics department also takes care of all necessary formalities for the export of goods. To ensure that all applicable customs, tax, export control and shipment laws are properly complied with and all necessary information is recorded.


Let us help you maximize your supply chain and keep your products on the market longer, without interrupting production or delivery on a global scale. This helps you increase efficiency, become more competitive and improve information flow.


We offer supply chain solutions such as:

- Forecast ~ continuous and periodic adjustment of order quantities.
- Kanban ~ asynchronous withdrawal and subsequent delivery of buffer storage quantities.
- JIT (Just-in-Time) / JIS (Just-in-Sequence) ~ Need-synchronized, process-accompanying and flexible deliveries.
- EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)structured and automated exchange of business data.
- DEMA-Dat(a) Service ~ automatically provide supply chain data to customers.
- Value Added Services ~ e.g. MAT2.5 Barcodes