Sharp Optoelectronic

Origin of Company Name: Mr. Hayakawa researched and improved the techniques for making metal writing instruments and in 1915 he invented a mechanical pencil that, after further improvements, would take the world by storm. In 1916, Mr. Hayakawa's mechanical pencil was named the "Ever-Ready Sharp Pencil." The present name of the company and its trademark are derived from that product.

Today, Sharp Devices Europe (SDE), helps engineers to rapidly implement high-performance solutions for their development projects. Customers benefit from both economies of scale and the flexibility of customized solutions. Leveraging groundbreaking global Sharp research and applying it to your vertical is what makes Sharp unique.

Global R&D, local design-in. A broad array of products, in-depth support. Sharp Devices Europe (SDE) maintains this perfect balance — to supply electronics that put you ahead. Partner with us, and let’s lead the technology race together.

As a subsidiary of the Sharp Corporation of Japan, Sharp Devices Europe (SDE) maintains its headquarters in Munich and administrative and sales offices in Hamburg, Germany. They supply a broad range of high-performance electronic components. Including everything from cutting edge TFTs, imaging sensors, lasers, and optoelectronic devices, tailored for the mobile communications, manufacturing, and automotive industries, to name a few.


IR Emitter Diode, Photo Diode, Photo Transistors, Daylight Sensors, Photo Darlingtons, Ambient Light & Proximity Sensors, IR Receiver Modules, IR Transceiver Modules, Photocouplers, Phototransistors, Photointerrupers (Reflective, Transmissive, Actuator Type, Digital Output, Seperated Type), Distance and Dust Sensors, Encoder, Paper Sensors

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