Liteon Optoelectronic

As one of the world's leading producers of optoelectronics, Lite-On Technology has sustained stable growth since it was founded in Taiwan in 1975. The key to their success is to monitor the market trends closely and develop products ahead of the competition. Most importantly, they delight their customers with expedient, reliable services around the globe.

Lite-On Technology is the longest running and largest-scale optoelectronic components supplier in Taiwan; based on the strong R&D resources, they have been able to cover extensive opto-electronic product lines including White LEDs, SMD LEDs, Lamp LEDs, LED Displays, Photo Couplers, Infrared Components etc. and is proven to be the leader in total optoelectronic components solutions.

Optoelectronic components products from them have been highly acclaimed and used by leading brands of information products, consumer electronics, and communication equipments. Lite-On Technology optoelectronic components products are widely used for applications ranging from indicators and displays of household electronic appliances, backlights of personal handheld devices and IT products, active and passive lights in car electronics, industrial opto-electronic sensors, and light sources for all purposes.

Building on its professional packaging designs and sophisticated manufacturing experiences, Lite-On Technology not only has been able to provide customers with high-quality opto-electronic components solutions, but also has been constantly pursuing for high-performance and low-pollutant light sources as the major goal.


SMD Chip LED, SMD PLCC LED, Through Hole Lamps, LED Displays, 7-Segment, Flash LED, UV LED, IR Emitter Diode, Photo Diode, UV Sensors, Ambient Light & Proximity Sensors, IR Receiver Modules, IR Transceiver Modules, IrDA, Photocouplers (IGBT, High Speed, Phototransistor Output, Phototriac Output, Photodarlington Output), Photointerrupers (Reflective, Transmissive, Actuator Type, Slotted Type)