Sharp Dust Sensor
Detecting of dust in the air. Measure what's going on in the atmosphere.
The SHARP optical dust sensor has an internal infrared diode and a phototransistor diagonally arranged. The diode projects light and the phototransistor detects the dark spots caused by the fine particles passing through. In addition to this feature, depending on the pulse pattern outputted you can check whether or not is smoke or dust.

This is the sensor you will need if you want to measure air particles, build an air purifier system, or detect certain particles. Includes a special cable to connect with other aplications
Sensor type
Sharp Partnumber
Digital signal
1.4±0.21 ms/
(0.1 mg/m3)
Precision ±15%
• High sensitivity
• Built-in microcomputer
• Compact, single-shot detection of house dust
  Digital signal
(UART & I²C)
Precision ±10μg
(0 -100μg/m3)
Precision ±10%
• Built-in VCSEL for high sensitivity and high accuracy
• Detectable PM1.0/PM2.5/PM10 separately
• Built-in high reliability fan
• Equipped with auto cleaning mode function

Manufacturer SHARP