"Human Body Detector" (Capacitive sensor & switch)
The MS889X family is specifically designed for use in "wearables". Acting as a switch, the external sensor capacitance is compared to a programmable threshold to detect over or under threshold. The MS889X feature very low current consumption (typically below 750nA) and a wide voltage range (1.8 to 4.5V), making them ideal for use in battery-powered systems. They are versatile in configuration and easy to integrate into an electronic system. Important parameters can be programmed into non-volatile memory, enabling autonomous operation.


  • “"Human Body Detection" (e.g., "in-ear" headphones or finger detection).
  • Wrist detection (e.g., "wearables" or medical devices)
  • Liquid detection (e.g., coffee makers)
  • Proximity sensor
  • Proximity switch
  • Touch switch

Further information; data sheets including application note & evaluation board - and samples available on request.