Since 1975 ~ 45+ Years of Distribution-Experience
The DEMA Group is an independent entrepreneurial cooperation consisting and includes the following two companies.

DEMA Electronic AG
based in Munich, Germany
Specialist in optoelectronics, semiconductor, electromechanics and integration of active and passive components.
In those fields we are among leaders in Central Europe.

DEMA Electronic Asia Ltd.
based in Hong Kong
A 100% owned affiliate company of DEMA Electronic AG.

Founded in 1975, we since have been concentrating in the distribution of electronic components, esp. of those which are notorious for affording much advice.

DEMA now has been successful in distributing electronic components for 45+ years, and enjoys a reputation as an excellent leader among value added optoelectronic suppliers with leading OEMs and mediumsized enterprises. A local distributor has developed into a global-playing enterprise, not only internationally known for its expertise in distribution of composite units, but also for its technical support, service, quality and customer-oriented solutions.

A well-thought selection of suppliers and product-lines, some of them in our catalogues right from the scratch, helped us in achieving leading position in some important marketing-sectors. In our line card you will find many of the names of best reputation in the respective segments of the market.

Being highly competent in technics is a relevant asset for DEMA. Our main focus is on the 4 segments project business, OEM-Rep.- service, development and customized/subcustomized solutions. Being a leader in those 4 fields as well as proximity to our suppliers, we are able to guarantee a competence in tackling with most recent technologies, and a reputation for filling the bill with quality and logistics.
Core Competences DEMA Electronic:

- Qualitystandard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
- Exceptionally high expertise in our segment of economy and product know-how
- Technical expertise in service and design via our board of highly qualified and motivated employees
- Two Logisticcentres in Munich and Hong Kong for most flexible, quick and global distribution
- Customerdriven delivery chain for industry and automotive customers
- Innovativeness guaranteed by our flexibility and excellent partners

"Thus our customers can prevail on our first-grade expertise. Therefore your own endproducts will earn reputation as state of the art and most promising."
Conventional Distribution was yesterday - DEMA ist today !

- Product und market as know-how
- Firmness and flexibility as synergy
- Reliability and partnership as self-conception
- World-wide supply chain management as responsibility