3M™ (Thermal Mangement)

At the beginning of the 1950s, the American parent company 3M™ founded its own subsidiaries in the world's most important markets. "Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing GmbH" was founded in Düsseldorf in 1951. Since 1972 the company has been successful as 3M Deutschland GmbH, headquartered in Neuss (since 1973). 1994 The European Distribution Center is established in Jüchen near Neuss. The largest and most modern 3M logistics centre in Europe.

The trend towards ever smaller dimensions for electronic components presents electrical engineers with great challenges. Although compact high-performance components enable previously unknown applications, for example in the automotive, aviation or medical technology sectors, the problems increase with miniaturization für Heat management: due to the high packing density, the power loss cannot be sufficiently dissipated and the resulting excess temperatures entail the risk of premature wear and the lack of performance. The challenge for component design is therefore to develop ever more efficient concepts for heat transport in densely packed components.

3M™ Thermally conductive materials use the high thermal conductivity of ceramic particles embedded in elastic substrates for heat management in electronic components. The silicone-free variants in particular meet the requirements for heat management in microelectronics, as they do not emit siloxanes and pose no risk of contamination with silicone oils. The range of solutions for thermal management in the electronics industry is supplemented by the proven elastic buffers of the 3M™ Bumpon™ series, which promote air circulation as spacers.


Thermally conductive adhesive films, Thermally conductive pads, Thermally conductive adhesives & epoxy adhesives, Bumpons