Mini-Clamp Steckverbinder von 3M
"e-con" (easy and economy connector) - Ultra-fast processing guaranteed!

The Mini-Clamp connectors from 3M are offered in a 3- and 4-pole version.

This connector series was specially developed for service-friendly and flexible fieldbus applications. Contacting is based on the proven insulation displacement system. There is no need for complex processing procedures or the purchase of expensive crimping tools. The crimping can even be done "in the field" by hand! Both solid and stranded conductor cables in conductor diameters of 1-2mm can be used (AWG 20 to 28). For easier identification, the cross-section variants are offered in different colors. In addition, 3M also offers lined-up PCB sockets as a matching counterpart. To use the Miniclamp connectors also in mobile applications or applications with "rough" environment.