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29 | 05 | 2017

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3M Mini Clamp Connectors
3M Simply Connected - Mini Clamp Connectors

For Factory Automation and Industrial Controls

3M Mini-Clamp Connectors are designed to provide connection reliability and cost performance in I/O applications commonly found in a wide range of sensor control systems.

3M Power Clamp Connectors use the advantage of 3M’s IDC technology and are designed to provide a safe and reliable electrical connection.

3M Link Connectors are designed to meet the requirements of the CC-Link standard and to enables T-Tab terminations as well as mid-cable terminations. The connectors’ hermaphroditic design reduces the number of components required to interconnect.

These connectors do not require any special tooling or pre-treatment of cables, and can be terminated using a standard pair of pliers. Benefits of the Power Clamp products include a simple installation process that does not create material debris or waste; a labor saving IDC termination process relative to traditional interconnect alternatives; ease of assembly for system building; and a design that provides for consistent quality and reliability.


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Mini-Clamp, Power-Clamp & Link- Connector Products from 3M:

1 Mini-Clamp (Wire to Wire and Wire to Board) - 3M
2 Power-Clamp Socket Connector (Wiremount, Series 355)
3 Power-Clamp Plug Connector (Wiremount, Series 358)
4 Power-Clamp Branch Connector (Series 357)
5 Power-Clamp Header Connector (Series 356)
6 Link Connector (Wiremount Connector, Series 381)
7 Link Connector (Boardmount Connector, Series 382)

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