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23 | 05 | 2018

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WDC | Western Design Center 65xx Microprocessors
Western Design Center (WDC)

65xx - Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

The Western Design Center, Inc. (WDC) Founded in 1978 by William D. Mensch, Jr., WDC has licensed its 65xx brand microprocessor Intellectual Property (IP/Cores) to the electronics industry since 1981. WDC is considered a pioneer in the design and licensing of microprocessor technology Intellectual Property (IP) cores and inspired Acorn engineers to create the wildly popular ARMxx series of microprocessors. GTE, Rockwell, MOS Technology, Synertek and NCR were some of WDC’s first licensees. In addition, WDC began selling 65xx brand microprocessor chips to Apple Computer in 1984 making it the first supplier of microprocessors as a fabless semiconductor company.

WDC is specialized in 65xx brand microprocessor technology!

    • The WDC 65xx system bus, as shown in the system block diagram below, is highly flexible and effective whether on PCB’s with our Chips or on ASIC microcontrollers with our Cores. It is easy to use and is efficient for power, performance, and cost.

    • The WDC 65xx synchronous control bus enables asynchronous processing events to be interfaced with a minimum of logic and therefore minimizes cost and performance delays.

    • Replacement for 65xx from Motorola / Freescale / Rockwell  / AMI / MOS Technology / MOSTEK / HITACHI / ST Microelectronics / GTE / RCA / Synertek / CMD / 6520 / NMOS 6522 / CMOS 65C22 / 65C51 / 6551 / CPD65C51 / 6521 / 6820 / 6821 / 6850

Microprocessors (MPU), Microcontrollers (MCU), and Microperipherals IC/Chips from Western Design Center (WDC):

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- Western Design Center / 65xx

1 W65C51N Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter (ACIA)
2 W65C22 8-/16-bit Versatile Interface Adapter (VIA)
3 W65C21 8-bit Peripheral Interface Adapter (PIA)
4 W65C265S 8-/16–bit Microcontroller (MCU)
5 W65C134S 8–bit Microcontroller (MCU)
6 W65C816S 8-/16–bit Microprocessor (MPU)
7 W65C02S 8–bit Microprocessor (MPU)

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