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TRULY Displays
Truly was established in 1991, its headquarters are located in Hong Kong, and its production base is in Shanwei city, Guangdong Province. Since its establishment, Truly Semiconductors has been committed to developing and manufacturing flat display products.

After twenty years developing, Truly Semiconductors has become the biggest small and medium size display module manufacturer in China with employee amount reaching 14000, Truly has its business and technology support team in almost all the 1st tier cities in China, such as Beijing , Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan and Taibei. It also has its overseas business branches in Europe, America and the Asia Pacific area. Apart from the leading manufacturing process,

Truly Semiconductors also has many world-class LCD production lines, OLED production lines and automotive assemble production lines, which cover TN, STN, TFT, OLED, EPD and 3D display products. Truly Semiconductors products have been widely used in Smartphone, Automobile, medical and industrial customers.

Based on its strong R&D capacity, outstanding product quality and professional service, Truly has won the high reputation from both domestic and oversea customers, and has established long-term strategic partner relationship with Samsung, LG, Huawei and ZTE. In the year 2012, Truly Semiconductors was rewarded the China high-tech company and the reputation of Guangdong innovative company and China outstanding management company.

Currently, Truly Semiconductors mobile phone display module production capacity reaches 20KK/M and display module capacity for industrial, medical and automotive application reaches 4.5KK/M; medium size display module capacity reaches 1KK/M.

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