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Ampire - Display LCD Module Manufacturer

In the 1920s, SHARP developed the first radio-frequency modules, and today the company is a key source of LCDs, Optoelectronics, Memory and Imagers devices. Sharp remains a technological leader in all these areas, bringing the designer innovative components with the best cost-effectiveness.

Sharp's parts and products pack the most performance into the smallest dimensions. The components, component packaging, and integration skills Sharp has developed to make these products possible are helping thousands of design engineers throughout the world bring their own ambitious ideas to market. 

Optoelectronic Products from Sharp:

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- SHARP Devices Europe / Optoelectronic

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- SHARP Electronic Components
- SHARP Optoelectronics ShortForm
- SHARP LED ShortForm 2013

1 Air Sensors - SHARP
2 Cable Assemblies for Sensor Modules - DEMA
3 Distance Measuring Sensors - SHARP
4 Photocoupler - SHARP
5 Ambient Light Sensors - SHARP
6 Solid State Relay - SHARP
8 Photointerrupter (Reflective) - SHARP
9 Photointerrupter (Transmissive) - SHARP

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