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MPE Garry | Interconnect Connections
MPE Garry - The perfect Connection

The perfect connection

Since its foundation in 1974 MPE-Garry has concentrated on the manufacturing and development of interconnect systems. The expertise is focused on device to board, board to board and wire to board connections as for example IC-Sockets, pinheaders and socketstrips in all common pitches, FFC/FPC connectors, USB-connectors, Modular Jacks, connectors acc. DIN 41622 and power in- and outlets.

In order to assert itself on the market and to better utilize its existing potential, MPE Garry started operating with a new corporate design (CD) in the beginning of September 2015.

  • Precision-IC-sockets
  • Special-sockets
  • Sockets with stamped and formed contacts
  • PGA-sockets
  • Carrier
  • PLCC-sockets
  • Pin- and female- header in space of 0,5 / 1,00 / 1,27 / 2,00 / 2,54 mm
  • LED-socket
  • Power In- and Outlets according EN 60320
  • Brushmachines for Injection moulding tools


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MPE GARRY | Connector Product News Flash

"Through Hole & SMD, Pitch 1.27mm"

Alle Standard Sockel von 20 Pol bis 84 Pol als Durchstecktechnik und in SMD verfügbar.
Farbe: Schwarz oder Braun verfügbar.

Through Hole PLCC Socket Datasheet Serie 081 (PDF Download)
SMD PLCC Socket Datasheet Serie 082 (PDF Download)
Hersteller: MPE GARRY - PLCC Sockel

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