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MICRODUL | Capacitive Sensors & TCXO Oscillators
Microdul - Custom Microelectronics Manufacturer

Custom Microelectronic Solutions

Microdul AG is a specialist for high quality microelectronics. Microdul has a broad range and depth of experience. Thanks to Microdul's three business lines Modules, Thick-film and Semiconductors there is a wide spectrum of choice with respect to electronic miniaturisation. Our core competence is the production of cutting edge individual solutions in close cooperation with the customer.

As an ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified specialist for high quality microelectronics Microdul masters all the required processes from engineering to customised production for the application. Our consolidated know-how stretches from integrated circuits (ICs) to miniaturised electronic and power modules.

Capacitive Sensors and TCXO Oscillator Products:

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- MS888x Capacitive Switch Product Flyer
- MS888x Capacitive Switch Shortform

1 MS888x - 1 / 2 and 8 Channel Capacitive Sensor
2 MS1002 - 32.768 KHz TCXO Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator

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