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BOLYMIN | Displays, STN, LCD, TFT, +Touch, OLED

Ampire - Display LCD Module Manufacturer

Based at Central Taiwan Science Park, Bolymin delivers "Embedded System" and "Display" products to markets all over the world. With over than 15 years dedication in professional manufacturing of display related products, Bolymin is now a well-established company in terms of design, manufacturing and quality assurance.

Bolymin's product offering spans across various application fields such as car electronics , medical instrument , security control , and industrial automation. In 2007, Bolymin scaled up production capability by setting up manufacturing premises in Dong-Guang, China.
Both Taiwan and China sites are certified for ISO-9000, ISO-14000. Nonetheless, Taiwan site is also certified for ISO-13485. Furthermore, Taiwan site is progressing for TS-16949 certification at present.

Bolymin regards technology/business model innovation and customer-oriented service as two pillar stones to its sustainable growth. We commit ourselves to satisfying customer demands in not only the quantity, but most importantly, the quality. The ratio of R&D staff grows to around 30 percent of 150 full-time employees as of year 2010. This growth signifies the level of commitment for innovation and enhanced service level.

Display Products from Bolymin:

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- Bolymin Displays

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- Bolymin Product Selection Guide
- TFT + Grafic + Character Overview

- Display Numbering System

1 TFT Displays - BOLYMIN
2 Graphic Displays - BOLYMIN
3 Character Displays - BOLYMIN
4 TAB Displays - BOLYMIN
5 COG Displays - BOLYMIN
6 OLED Displays - BOLYMIN
7 Numbering System - BOLYMIN

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