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APAC OPTO | Transceiver & Extender

APAC Opto - Transceiver + Extender Manufacturer

Founded in July 1998, APAC Opto Electronics Inc. is the leading manufacturer of high performance fiber optical transmission components for Local Area Networks(LANs), Wide Area Networks(WANs), Storage Networks(SANs), Metropolitan Area Networks(MANs) and Access Networks(ANs) in Taiwan.

The company supplies a broad range of optical communication components including O/E transceivers, Sub Modules and Ethernet Products globally to manufacturers of communications for internet service providers and telecommunications operating companies.

APAC Opto Electronics Inc. was accredited with ISO 9001 in 1999 and ISO 14001 status in 2009, bearing proof of company commitment in quality and environment for continually systematic and sustainable improvement.

Transceiver + Extender Products from APAC Opto:

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- APAC Opto / Transceiver + Extender

1 Optical Extender / DVI Extender - APAC OPTO
2 Optical Extender / HDMI Extender - APAC OPTO
3 Optical Extender / Optical Video Fiber Converter - APAC OPTO
4 Optical Transceiver GEPON - APAC OPTO
5 Optical Transceiver GPON - APAC OPTO
6 Optical Transceiver XFP - APAC OPTO
7 Optical Transceiver BiDi XFP - APAC OPTO
8 Optical Transceiver SFP - APAC OPTO
9 Optical Transceiver SFP+ - APAC OPTO
10 Optical Transceiver BiDi SFP - APAC OPTO
11 Optical Transceiver 2x5 SFF - APAC OPTO
12 Optical Transceiver BiDi 2x5 SFF - APAC OPTO
13 Optical Transceiver GBIC - APAC OPTO
14 Optical Transceiver BiDi GBIC - APAC OPTO
15 Optical Transceiver 1x9 SC - APAC OPTO
16 Optical Transceiver 1x9 ST - APAC OPTO
17 Optical Transceiver BiDi 1x9 - APAC OPTO

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