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Ampire - Display LCD Module Manufacturer

Established in 1998, Ampire is a manufacturer with revolutionary vision and innovative ideas in small and medium size LCD modules for industrial applications.

Starting from TN models, the Ampire team never stops acquiring new technologies and working synergistically with every partner. Over the years, Ampire has successfully adapted STN mono display, TFT color display, and lately, AMOLED displays into the product lineup. With such experience, Ampire has sharpened its mastery in the customization of LCD modules.

Besides providing a complete lineup of displays, our team also focuses on integrated controls and easy display system solutions. Customers in all markets, especially industrial control, can find practical solutions to adapt STN or TFT into their applications.

Display Products from Ampire:

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- Ampire Displays

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- Ampire Profile (Update 2014)

- Ampire Product Catalogue
- Product Short Overview
- TFT Short Overview

- Display Numbering System

1 TFT Displays - AMPIRE
2 Touch Panel Displays - AMPIRE
3 Open Frame Displays - AMPIRE
4 UART Displays - AMPIRE
5 Graphic Displays - AMPIRE
6 Character Displays - AMPIRE
7 Numbering System - AMPIRE

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